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Clinical Cases – Applying Evidence-Based Medicine to the Care of Older Persons

Welcome to the inaugural BCGP Clinical Case Workshop. The care of older adults can be complex and challenging with multiple comorbidities and intricate histories that complicate disease state management in this population. ASCP launched a workshop to help pharmacists apply clinical guidelines and evidence-based medicine when caring for older adult patients. Participants will complete 5.5 hours of home study pre-work with guided questions that provides background with clinical guidelines for pertinent disease states. The on-site experience will allow participants to apply the latest evidence-based medicine to two patient cases that follow a patient across various care settings. Add onto existing registration

This workshop includes:

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Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) for Medical Professionals 

With high rates of chronic pain and the opioid epidemic, various strategies are being explored to help patients with chronic pain. In the last 20 years, pain neuroscience education (PNE) emerged in rehabilitation as an evidence-based, clinically applicable approach to help people with chronic pain. PNE aims to teach patients more about the underlying biology and physiology of their pain experience, using metaphors, examples, and images. To date, a dozen meta-analyses and systematic reviews have shown strong evidence for PNE to positively influence pain ratings, disability scores, limited movement, fear-avoidance, pain catastrophization, and healthcare utilization. Additionally, when PNE is combined with behavioral and movement-based treatments (PNE+), it yields even superior results. PNE literature is now becoming commonplace in medical journals, and it is proposed that ideally, all healthcare providers would collectively use PNE to provide evidence-based, multidisciplinary care for people with chronic pain. First, this lecture aims to update medical providers on the evolution and evidence of PNE, to allow for a working knowledge of this emerging treatment. Second, attendees will be taught ways to use and immediately implement PNE strategies in clinical care and build a more comprehensive relationship with rehabilitation providers using PNE and PNE+ with patients experiencing pain, especially chronic pain.

This workshop includes 4.5 hours of in-person activity and a post assessment exam. Add onto existing registration