COVID-19 Updates

ASCP Safety and Sanitation Measures

In an effort to protect our attendees from COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, ASCP will*:

  1. Require all ASCP staff present to wear masks in public areas.
  2. Work with the hotel to make sure they are following CDC guidelines to create a safe environment.
  3. Post safety and sanitation measures and procedures on our meeting website.
  4. Require all ASCP staff present to have temperatures taken every morning before attendees arrive, any staff with an irregular temperature will be immediately removed.
  5. Ask all attendees to wear masks while in attendance. (ASCP will provide a mask for those who do not have one.)
  6. Sanitize all equipment used by presenter’s A/V equipment between sessions.
  7. Have hand sanitation stations in every meeting room and public spaces.
  8. Work with the hotel to make sure all meeting surfaces are sanitized between sessions.
  9. Ensure that meeting seating is appropriately distanced.
  10. Work with hotel to ensure that all food and beverage options are served and presented according to CDC guidelines.
  11. Provide appropriate signage to remind and encourage the following of guidelines in the meeting space and rooms.

* ASCP may change or alter measures to fit with CDC guidelines of the time.